Fed up of freeware that's no longer free? Try LFV

You've been googling high and low to find a particular program for free. You found it, you installed it, and it works brilliantly. Except for a few random bugs, you're happy. A year later, your computer dies. You reinstall everything, only to find out that your favourite freeware apps have now 'sold out' and have become paid shareware. What do you do?

Check out Last Freeware Version. LFV is a website that has the latest version of all freeware apps before they became paid ones. That means you get to update your original app to the latest least buggy version, without paying for it.

The site could do with a prettier interface and a search function, but you can easily find your app by using your browser's built-in search function. Top apps like RegCleaner and FastStone Capture are there, too.

Plus, did we say it's free?

[via Download Squad]


  • MattS
    Nice little site, will come in useful. Cheers.
  • Biffo B.
    Been using it for years; an absolute treasure trove; one of the best things I ever found on the net. Try RoboForm password manager; the LFV one stores as many login details as you like; the current free one only stores ten.
  • Vince V.
    Hey Matt and Biffo the bear, Thanks for those tips guys. If there are other sites/apps you think worth other readers knowing about and could help save money, please post them here and I'll look into them cheers! Vince
  • MattS
    I used to use http://www.oldversion.com/ but it's not all freeware. Still pretty useful though.
  • Jim
    http://www.osalt.com/ is handy sometimes, its open source software alternatives to commercial programs
  • Biffo B.
    Here yer go then Vince. Choosing the right RAM to upgrade you pc is always a fraught business. At the Crucial site, you can get a free scan that will tell you what type, and how much, RAM your pc can take. Of course they hope you will buy from them (it's good stuff, so worth considering), but you can just take the info and buy where you want. Good FAQ section, and live chat support. Totally reputable, malware-free site. http://www.crucial.com/uk/index.aspx?cpe=CHAWKuk The built-in Disc Cleanup and Defragmenter utilities in Windows are a joke. Piriform make CCleaner, which not only digs out the rubbish but shreds it as well. It will also remove the slime and fungal deposits from your registry. This award winning company also does a defragmenter and a file recovery utility. It's all free. http://www.piriform.com/ Think your pc is clean? Well scan it with the free Malwarebytes programme, and you'll be shocked. This award winning application is considered by some malware experts to be the best malware remover on the planet. Btw, it's not one of those cons that scans, tells you about all the infections on your pc, and then wants 30 quid to remove it! http://www.malwarebytes.org/

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