Feast your eyes on the 2012 Chicken Cottage Awards!

When it comes to fast fried chicken, KFC are seen as the global leader, but what of Chicken Cottage?

Do KFC have an annual awards ceremony, where the finest franchise-holders are given lovely prizes and paraded before their peers? No, at least not as far as we know.

Chicken Cottage do – of that we’re sure. Here’s the edited highlights of their 2012 awards, held in a salubrious room somewhere in the UK. Make sure you watch ALL of it, as we’ll be testing you later…


  • jones
    Cue racist trolls...
  • Colonel S.
    I think Chicken Cottage is racist. Fried chicken and not one black person at the ceremony.
  • jt
    The award for best gang hangout goes to Ladbroke Grove Chicken Cottage and their busy Chicken Cottage Crew
  • Colonel S.
    This is definately the best chicken award ceremony I've had the pleasure of viewing. And by 'eck, I've seen a lot of them. ps Man falls asleep at 5:03.
  • Colonel S.
    ps again I've just noticed someone is pretending to be me on the second post in. I am the real Colonel.
  • Head C.
    Cluck cluck cluckcluck clukerdy cluck, cluck ckerluck cluck cluck cluck fucking cluck, basterds.
  • Kebab B.
    I am a sweaty, overweight, middle-aged man in a suit. Can I have a job?
  • Alexis
    Chicken Cottages look like Cluckin Bells
  • southern c.
    what the F is chicken cottage - sounds like some fowl sexual act. f me there is one in Salford quays.

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