Father's Day Hints: The Anki Drive

anki It's father's day at the weekend and rather than pass off some badly thought out rock compilation and a hastily bought Dairy Milk, why don't you get your pops this?

Billed as a Scalextric for the 21st century, the Anki Drive allows you to control cars with your iPhone, and also throw weapons.

Using sensors and cameras, the cars are controlled by an app on the phones and are raced on a special playmat. Basically, it's next level amazingness.

It's now on sale in the UK for an unsnipular £180, and comes with two cars. If you want more cars, they cost £50 each. If the enterprise takes off - and look at it, of course it will - no doubt the price will come down.

Up to four players can race cars around the tracks, or players can go it alone and battle against the artificial intelligence, built into the cars. Brrr.

Here's how it works: Within each car is a small camera that let them ‘see’ where they are going. This camera points straight down and looks through the track into the circuitry underneath. The track itself provides information for the car as to where it can drive. A 50 megahertz computer on each car monitors where it is on the track 500 times every second. This then feeds information to the motors in the two rear wheels so the car knows where to drive. Every two milliseconds they make an adjustment to the rear motors to stay on trajectory.

The track itself, about the size of a tabletop, can be rolled out onto any surface, and the matchbox-sized cars are then placed on the track and controlled by players using their chosen device.

Well, if anyone wants me to be their daddy, you know how to clinch the deal. GET TO IT.

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