Fast food meltdown: Subway rage

Let’s amuse ourselves briefly with an old favourite – the fast food store meltdown. This one is from a branch of Subway somewhere in America and includes shouting, violence, damage to a telephone, partial nudity and the use of a Taser gun by officers of the law. The Tasering bit is comfortably the best bit - although 'comfortably' might not be the best word to describe it.



  • PokeHerPete
    Did the yank get pissed off when the Sandwich Artist™ put light mayo instead of triple calories mayo on his bacon grease sub?
  • will
    is it me, or is he crying at the end? also, talk about good ol' fashioned american overkill bringing the whole police department to deal with one mentalist with low self-esteem.
  • no w.
    I thought i heard crying - like a little girl - aghh bless
  • JD
    To be fair I would probably kick off if it was the last meatball marinara!
  • glee f.
    stupid americans
  • domestic&General=shit
    bitch weeping @ the end
  • Frank W.
    Bloody Americans are wimps. This happens every hour on the hour in Touquay during the summer when the bars let out We've come to refer to it as the floor show and to make sure we get good seats in time of the next show.
  • Nigel
    Quality, did someone keep his $100?
  • dashjka
    Love the fat kid who feels the need to refill his soda in the middle of this...

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