FarmVille for Dummies surely signals the End of Days

Just so we're perfectly clear about this - we will fight any reader we catch placing an order for this. We will beat the breath from their bodies, and dispose of the corpse in a manner not fit for Vietnamese dogs. We're not even going to link to it. You've been warned:

Bitterwallet - Farmville for Dummies


  • Phil
    Its more expensive for Kindle than as a paper back! Sort of shows how well they expect it to sell!
  • Stephen L.
    I'm interested in 'Dogging for Dummies'. Has anyone read this one yet?
  • dummies
    Thanks bitterwallet, just ordered. I am eagerly waiting a can of whoop ass to be delivered my way.
  • Stu_
    Shouldn't this be "Dummies for Farmville"?
  • ashok
    Just posted in HUKD...See how hot it goes...
  • Jose P.
    Farmville cheats are sometimes available for coins, items and experience as you play the game. However, there are no actual Farmville cheat codes. Only Tips and strategies.

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