Farmers want better deal from government

Farmers want the next government to step up and help a brother out at the next election. 

farmer Our agricultural pals want the government to give farming a boost at the next general election, and they have issued a load of demands (which sound a bit harsh but aren't really) to help increase food production and business in general.

The National Union of Farmers has urged all parties to work with them to reduce reliance on imported produce.

And there are calls to increase speed limits for tractors on public roads.

Interestingly named Weslsh farmer and NFU president Meurig Raymond said: "What is needed now is a government that understands farming."

Unveiling the NFU's 2015 election manifesto, Mr Raymond, a Welsh farmer, said British farming provided 60% of the food we ate, was the UK's largest manufacturing sector and protected the nation's countryside and wildlife.

However he stressed that farmers faced major challenges.

"I want the next government to work with the NFU to set an agenda for growth, for profitable production that fosters the breadth of farm businesses from food to renewable energy and environmental services by building on the professionalism and confidence of British farmers," he said.

"By backing British farming and working together, we have a unique opportunity to increase food production by supporting research, investment and growth."

The NFU represents 55,000 farmers across England and Wales, so it's not just some crackpot group of madpeople.

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    There is no such thing as a poor farmer.

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