Fans for the memories - the future of cool is Dyson

A fan without blades? It's witchcraft, I tells ya. Yet James Dyson - the man with a brain the size of Belgium folded away in his tiny skull - has invented just that. The Dyson Air Multipler pulls air in through the base, which is then forced out through the rim of the circular aperture over a curved surface. Because the air is directed and pushed out one way, air is sucked in from behind and around, magnifying the cooling effect:

Bitterwallet - Dyson Air Multiplier

Clever, clever bastard. The only problem is the price; both the 10 inch and 12 inch versions are £199. For a fan. It's the Newton's Cradle of our time, a wanker's gizmo for the office to impress clients and colleagues alike. Still, a fan without blades, eh? Get that man Dyson onto the jetpack and flying car problem, pronto. In the meantime, there's a video of Americans peering at the fan as if it can reverse death on the Dyson website:

Bitterwallet - Dyson air multpilier


  • In f.
    Let's face it, American's would peer into a bog-standard fan as if it could reverse death. Looks nice though. You should get a PayPal "contribute" button to get a collection going so we can buy one for Butt-erWallet HQ.
  • Gunn
    That Dyson is some boy!
  • Alex
    In your face - Learn to use apostrophes before you criticise the Yanks for being stupid, maybe?
  • In f.
    Alex - learn to stfu. I made a simple mistake - one which does not require learning to rectify. I knew I'd done it as soon as I'd hit the post button, but since you're so perfect, you obviously already knew that. I'll criticise "the Yanks" as much as I like, with or without your permission or approval.
  • NobbyB
    There are still blades, they are in the base. Are conventional fans really that dangerous? Mine is covered in a grate, and I cannot get my fingers in to hurt them if I wanted. That said, it would be great if they made a window sized version. You could suck flying birds into your house.
  • Paul S.
    Nobby, that's the singular best comment I've read this week.
  • Lumoruk
    I can't actually see it blowing any of the girls hair though
  • Smeagol
    Rock and Pool is nice and cool, so juicy sweet. Our only wish to catch a fish, so juicy sweet! Stupid fat hobbit. It tries to kill us. My precious.....
  • goon
    yeah those fans i've been using all my life have been dogshit that one running in my pc for the last few years is doing a shit job at quietly cooling my heatsink for the huge cost of £5

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