Fancy turning your dining room into a pub? We'll drink to that!

As great as pubs are, sometimes it's just easier to get out your chair and open the fridge for another can of Stella. But don't you miss that smell of wet dog and piss? What if you had your own pub? You'd be able to get buggered on lager and not have to socialise while you did it! If that's the sort of worthless existence you see yourself leading, it's time you dropped by Red Baron's Antiques:

The US antiques dealer doesn't just sell trinkets and vases, but whole authentic bars from American and British pubs, stretching from floor to ceiling. Whether you've a one bedroom flat or a house as capacious as an elephant's gut, there's a spot of turn-of the century drinking to be done in the comfort of your own home. You know you want it. Think of the fun. And the drink.


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