Fancy becoming a model? Just pay £250. you got a good chance at becoming a famous model, walking the red carpet and cat walk with cameras flashing?

Just think twice before handing over your cash when answering that local ad.

A company known as Elite Talent Agency (also known under a gazillion other names) was recently busted in a BBC expose for scamming model wannabes out of their hard earned cash.

The scam agency offered a 'free photoshoot', only to charge £250 for a 'portfolio' on the day that consists of one Polaroid snap.

According to the BBC expose, most models also never get any actual work.

This scam has occurred in the past, resulting in UK law prohibiting the practice by agencies to charge an upfront fee.  This also violates the 7 day cooling off period, according to the video below where the BBC secretly films footage of a 'casting' session.

Why anyone would hand £250 up front is a different matter.  Would you?

Having said that, the same advice would probably apply for job applicants, and in the current desperate economic climate, it may be worth staying alert.

Source: The Mirror Blog


  • Andrew R.
    You blatantly paid the £250 Vince!
  • Martin
    This sort of scam has been going on for years. Another one that loads of places still offer is free photoshoots, and then pressurise you into parting with £100+ for prints.
    Half of them deserve riping off..!!!!
  • The B.
    A fool and his money are soon parted and Mr T pity's the fool.
  • Vince V.
    Andrew, you blew my cover. I was promised the world!!!
  • Ten B.
    [...] Mmm, you’re gorgeous, you could be a model you know. No, really. Just hand over £250 and we’ll ... [...]

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