Fancy a kebab? Are you asking? I'm asking. I'm... kebabing?

I know what you're thinking. It's the weekend, you want to get out, meet some people, throw some shapes, dance like a nutter. But even with clubs staying open into the early hours, don't you find that your evening still ends too early? If only there was some sort of establishment that combined the delicious garlicy goodness of the late night kebab with the ear-battering techo-bollocks you've been braying your brain with for the previous four hours.

Your quest to discover such a mythical place has ended. Not surprisingly, it's in Newcastle:

Bitterwallet reader Mike sent us proof of the dance hall / rotisserie combo; through in-depth investigations, we think its Munchies opposite the Civic Centre. It's unlikely to still be playing techno techno techno techno, but let us know if it is. Or don't.


  • NoName
  • The B.
    Just think what slipping cyanide in the chilli sauce could do for humanity? Just that night alone would probably clear 100's off the dole.
  • dekaspace
    The Real Bob what is your messed up stupid views on people on the dole about? Just because someone is on benefits doesnt mean they are unintelligent, lazy and stupid if that was the case why arent you on benefits as you fit the stereotype perfectly. So its a bunch of people drunk and having a good time and being loud and obnoxious so therefore that makes then on benefits? Where do you get that idea from?
  • David H.
    I've been there, but they've never played music like that (Well I'm yet to witness it). Still does a mean kebab though, so I'm not complaining.
  • The B.
    Oops, looks like I've offended a doley.
  • John
    The Real Bob your a tit.
  • dekaspace
    The Real Bob why do you think I am on benefits just because I dont like your comments, I bet you are a underage kid who gets spoiled by their parents so isnt used to the real world so complains about it.
  • The B.
    John, I believe you mean "you're a tit", ironic huh? What keen and astute mind you have I am indeed a spoiled teen, although it would appear one with a superior command of language and grammar to yourself. My assumption that you claimed dole was based on your rant where you appear to have taken offence at things that I never said, you came across as defensive of those on benefits whilst actually infering that they were "unintelligent, lazy and stupid".
  • lol
    /\ what dekaspace said Shite music tho

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