Fancy a cruise on board the Titanic Mark II?

Christ on a stick, talk about tempting fate. British company Miles Morgan Travel are to commemorate the centenary of the Titanic disaster in 2012. Guess how they're going to do that, then? Go on, it's not difficult. That's right - they're taking reservations for a cruise following the original route of the ill-fated vessel, although hopefully they're not following it too precisely.

The transatlantic cruise from Southampton to New York will include a memorial service on the morning of April 15, 2012 in the exact location where the Titanic went down with the loss of 1,500 lives. The ship is hoping to sail with 1,309 paying passengers - the same number that sailed on the Titanic - and serve a menu identical to that now resting on the ocean floor.

Next week, Barack Obama fancies an open-top car ride down Dealey Plaza.

[USA Today]


  • SJT
    Does anyone else think that this is a bit sick?
  • The B.
    Yeah, it's utterly sick, my mum loves it but everyone else thinks it’s utter shite, it shouldn’t ever have won those Oscars and look at Cameron now, a man with his head so firmly wedged up his own arse he can see his own tonsils, and as for the DiCaprio, what a talentless little prick but he still he strives for an Oscar, but as for our Kate, it’s not her fault, Gawd bless yer maam and na mistake, she’s a Nashurnal Treshure so she is.
  • The B.
    Ah, where you talking about the article and not the film then?
  • Mr H.
    I like you style Bob...
  • Emma
    I have to admit that we are going on this cruise (booked it yesterday). I know a lot of people think it's quite macabre, but to me it's just an interesting way to mark an important historical occasion. I'm expecting to be able to attend lectures onboard about Titanic and its times, and the memorial service which will take place exactly at the same time the ship sank 100 years ago, and at the same spot, I think will be an experience to remember. I have no special ties to the Titanic (such as a relative who was onboard, or anything like that), and in the past I haven't been overtly interested in the subject. But I think this cruise is an interesting concept.
  • MinstrelMan
    can we not just fill it with present day scum and sink it anyway?
  • Lumoruk
    I've got my rocket launcher ready minstrel just need a boat to intercept the cruise.
  • chocky2002
    just had a look at the website - all the offers are for 2007? strange....
  • Paul S.
    @emma - hi Emma, thanks for commenting. Can we ask a roughly how much it costs for the cruise?
  • no,I'mspartacus
    Do you get a return ticket, or is this just the one way trip?
  • Emma
    "Can we ask a roughly how much it costs for the cruise?" It IS very expensive in my opinion; so much so that I try not to think about it. :-) The cheapest cabin for two people is £2,595 per person; ours (a suite) is £5,995 per person. The most expensive suite is £7,995 per person. Well, it does include a return flight New York-London, so at least we are not getting stranded in NY... Just in case you haven't found it yet, Miles Morgan Travel has a web site dedicated just for this cruise: By the way, this is our first ever cruise, so we are starting with a bang (not literally I hope..)
  • Amanda H.
    Emma, hope you have a great time. It should go down a treat.
  • Lill
    At those prices, no one will be in "steerage". Just so they have enough life boats....
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