Facebook will be timing you to try and stop clickbait

Bitterwallet - Facebook Are you annoyed with the amount of clickbait on your Facebook feed? Too much Buzzfeed and Upworthy, all clogging up your business when all you want to do is see what you're sibling's been up to this weekend?

Well, Facebook are annoyed with it too and they're going to have a clampdown on these things that shout 'AND YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!!!!1!'.

The social network is again tinkering with their news feed algorithm (they won't stop messing with it) and in a blog, they said that they're lowering the ranking of clickbait links. Facebook already prioritise what you see on your feed, which is weird seeing as users have the tools to see less or more of things.

What is basically going to happen, is that Facebook are going to start measuring how long people spend reading a story after clicking the link in addition to whether or not they post comments and share the links with pals. If you click something and come straight back to Facebook, it'll tell them that you're not into That Sort Of Thing.

You could, of course, click the 'I Don't Want To See This' option or just unfollow Chloe and Steve from the office who do nothing but post complete swill all day.

Of course, this is going to be a completely futile endeavour as, with all problematic internet things, you squeeze one spot and another three come back in its place.

There's also the problem of users Liking a page, but not necessarily seeing the posts from the company/club night/celebrity/whatever you've shown support to because Facebook will throttle the page's reach in a bid to get companies to pay to advertise.

Seems like Facebook aren't keen on letting everyone curate their own feeds, as usual.

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