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Colin's facebook page

A 10 year old boy from Michigan is due to have an 11th birthday he is unlikely to forget in a hurry.

Colin Cunningham’s mum took to Facebook to appeal for birthday greetings for her son, whose birthday is on March 9, and the page has already gained 1.6 million wishes and messages.

Colin, who suffers from an autism-like disorder, has had trouble making friends at school and told his mother that no one would come for his birthday party, if one was held. So Jennifer posted an appeal on Facebook asking for “encouraging words that would be better than a party”.

Describing Colin on the page, Jennifer says, “He is in 5th grade, and his aspirations for life are to be either a pastor, a comedian or a missionary. He doesn’t really enjoy groups or activities but he’s very active in our church, he’s the self-appointed greeter and opens the door for each person as they come to church. Colin loves his Nintendo 3DS, and Pokemon. His big obsession is Doctor Who.”

Now, due to the huge response, the family have had to get a post office box to handle all the cards and letters coming through.

While it’s a really lovely idea, you get the impression that it’s going to attract the more unpleasant end of the internet and opens the little lad up for bullying.

But hey, we’re all up for some nice gestures now and then.


  • Dosser
    Happy birthday, kid. Have a trolley.
  • Phuck Y.
    1.6 million people who, in reality, couldn't give a shit?

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