Face It - Cooking Oil Doesn't Make You Beautiful

Just what is a gal to do when her plastic surgery obsession becomes an addiction but she runs out of money and can’t afford any more expensive face-sculpting?

Well, if she’s 48-year old Korean woman Hang Mioku, she simply turns her back on the medical men and starts injecting cooking oil into her face instead of silicon.

Here’s the ‘before’ picture. You can see the ‘after’ shot after the jump…

Brace yourself...

Oh. Oh no.


  • Indigo
    Jabba? I thought Leia strangled you with a chain and blew you to smitherines??
  • Is B.
    [...] whatever lengths you feel you have to go to in order to get that job, please don’t try THIS at [...]
  • MillieHughes
    I tink dat she looks lvli i wunt mind been her freind, its well racist been nasty not her fault she nedded da surgery and no bwoydem wud give her da P!!!!!! BIG UP MY MAIN GYAL Hang Mioku
  • Roooree
    I'm glad she still thinks she's beautiful. If that were my face, I'll be depressed for the rest of my life!

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