EyeExperts.co.uk is "a shambles" says Bitterwallet reader

Bitterwallet - Eye ExpertsAnd now, the continuing saga of the Keswani brothers. In fact it's the saga of several online stores they operate, that offer cut-price glasses, "no-quibble" guarantees and plenty of broken promises.

The brothers own at least four websites - ExclusiveEyes.co.uk, EyeExperts.co.uk, perfectglasses.co.uk and Glasses Experts - all promising 100% refunds, three day dispatch on simple orders, and so on.

ExclusiveEyes first came to our attention when an avid Bitterwallet customer received a pair of glasses seemingly made from second-hand parts. From the comments of readers in a follow-up post, we learned about more complaints, and more about the Keswani brothers - their numerous online stores, their marketing and advertising company and their recent arrests that involved pirated software and porn.

And the complaints keep on coming; the latest is from an anonymous but nevertheless avid Bitterwallet reader:

"I ordered glasses from EyeExperts on the 7 June and have still not received them. I have rang the number given - 0845 2591400 - several times and the same man answers each time with the excuse that quality is important and [the glasses] must be perfect before delivery.

"Countless emails have resulted in no replies or confirmation that the glasses have been posted recorded delivery; I previously received two separate emails with two separate delivery times - these have failed to deliver.

"I have now ordered a pair from Specs-By-Post these took 3 days to arrive! EyeExperts.com is a shambles and needs outing before more customers get taken in."

So apart from non-delivery after six weeks, our avid reader also suggests the company are faking Recorded Delivery information to avoid sending the order. We're not overly surprised to receive another complaint along these lines; to date, we haven't heard a single good thing about any of the companies operated by the Keswani brothers.

As always, if you've any information or something to add, we're always happy to hear from you at [email protected]


  • qwertyuiop
    Probably not clear on the websites in question anywhere in regards to ownership so unless you knew it first hand fair enough, but the name 'Keswani' sounds to me like they'd be Algerian scam artists. Also, who in their right fucking mind would mail order glasses? Get off your arses and go visit an optician - slackers!
  • STC
    Why are you buying glassess off of the interweb anyway? You're gonna look like Jack Duckworth or Gok Wank or someone.
  • Whisky
    Got a pair from exclusive eyes a few months back that arrived scratched, after dealing with their customer "service" I put it down to experience and wrote the £40 off. Wonder if I will actually get my Quidco....
  • The B.
    I no longer require glasses as I have gone blind due to all of the filth I was perusing on the interweb, does anyone know a good way to get hair off of your palms?
  • Whisky
    Fire works quite well Bob.
  • M P.
    I ordered a pair of glasses from this company June 2010 its now Sept and still nothing avoid these companys they are not good, they do not answer your email and when you ask for a refund, nothing. Mark Percival
  • M P.
    Should have gone to specsavers
  • Helen
    I paid for sunglasses from 'Eyeexperts.com' 7 months ago and still don't have them. My credit card company say I've gone past the date whcih they can refund me! I intend contacting a solicitor.
  • John
    I ordered a pair of glasses cost 71pounds and were supposed to be sent to Spain. tracking number was given and parcel was returned due to incorrect address to the uk to Palmers green P.D.O. sent an e-mail to Gary at customer services asking to redeliver with correct address on and GUESS WHAT next day after e-mail sent item was suddenly delivered to some one in Palmers Green not Spain and it was signed for. Looks like i will have to invest in a soliciter
  • Rajendran R.
    In 2009, abbey ( now santander) froze my account. I replied saying why they did so and the only reply i got was that I will be able to collect my money. Now they still havent given me my money and they are stating that I have to close my account! I have not recieved any information regarding the closure of my bank. I am confused and very angry and now im facing financial hardship. my life is ripe off
  • David
    Wish I had seen this before ordering. Got my glasses six weeks after ordering but everything about the place is a shambles. Was told three times that my order would be shipped early next week and it wasn't. After threatening a chargeback they claimed that the order had been sent but was returned due to the address label being damaged even though the website still said order pending (I'm very sceptical on this claim). I'd all but given up on ever receiving what I paid for when it miraculously turned up. To be honest, buying glasses online is an absolute minefield that I've not experienced with other products. I also used specsonthenet and glassescrafter and neither of them delivered anywhere close to the time promised on their website and customer service was shocking in all cases. In fact specsonthenet never even answered one of my e-mails. Glassescrafter took at least 48 hours to answer any query (though less than 15 minutes to send me an additional invoice for tinted glasses). There appears to be something rotten about online glasses in general.
  • DDonaldson
    I must admit to being conned also by this lot; contacted police comsumer direct but to no avail, surely there must be some way to shutting down this site?
  • john s.
    Sent for a pair of glasses about two weeks ago.A few days later got an e-mail to say my prescription was complex,and they wanted another £20 I wrote back to tell them that I had bought many glasses online,and no mention of a complex prescription from any of them.No answer, so I looked up my order to check the prescription details.One of the readings was wrong,and I am very sure that I filled it in correctly.I wrote to them,and told them the details were wrong,but it was not my fault.They replied that they required another £20 for fitting the correct lenses.I wrote back and said why should I pay extra for your mistake.Water off a ducks back they still wanted £20.After seeing the comments above I am reluctant to send them any more money,and may well just give up,and cut my losses.I will try china,or Goggles4you which I believe is Pakistan based.I bought glasses from them a couple of years ago,and I am still wearing them.
  • john s.
    Received my glasses, they appear to be ok. They didn`t ask again for the extra twenty pounds,so I am a happy bunny.
  • Alan S.
    Totally agree with all of the above. Terrible service, they delivered a completely different pair of glasses from the ones ordered and there has been no reply from "customer services"... Avoid EyeExperts.co.uk
  • Mark D.
    EyeExperts.co.uk are Fraud vendors they are located in Pune,India. They export glasses by purchasing it locally. They always cheat in Branding,Delivery and they have a very poor service system.
  • Jan K.
    Ordered 4.1, delivered 29.1.2013, perfect quality, longer delivery time, but OK, well informed during order processing about what is happening. Was a bit scared after reading this comments, but I had no problem with this company. Jan
  • Steve H.
    Avoid at all costs. You get what you pay for. New £99 frames sent for regalze. Arrived a month later damaged during the process. Offered £25 frames as a replacement. Complete cowboys.
  • Amber
    Avoid avoid at all cost not much cheaper than the high street but poor poor quaility and when things go wrong stone walling. A truly awful company that helps to give web purchasing a bad name.
  • John M.
    I have £186 remaining with Eyeexperts for an order I place with them 5/6 weeks ago. They accepted my order, then rang to say they had broken frame and could I change for an alternative . Alternatively they would issue a refund . Needless to say after numerous calls and emails I have not received anything. Is there any issue you can assist with. J Martin

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