EyeExperts "shambles", now nine weeks and counting

Right then. If you've missed the back story, here it is in four bullet points:

It's the final point where we pick up the story. Our reader still hasn't received their glasses - or a refund - from ExpertEyes, despite it being nine weeks since the initial order:

"Since I last contacted you, they've rang me twice to say they would settle my order and I was told Royal Mail had scanned my glasses package, saw they were broken and returned them to EyeExperts."

The ability to scan inside packages and return packaged based on a breakage would be a first for Royal Mail. Maybe they'll start using transporters for next day delivery, too.

"I demanded a refund and was told they would ring me back and let me know. They also said the frames [I wanted] were now no longer available so could I choose another."

Hardly surprising, since governments change hands in less time than EyeExperts have had to fulfill our reader's order. Quite when ExpertEyes will get around to pulling their finger out is unclear, but the message from the majority of Bitterwallet's readers seems to be clear - go elsewhere for your eyewear. If you've had first class service from an online service, feel free to spread the word in the comments below.


  • Phil M.
    Isn't that fat little curly haired cnut Gary Cooper of GC's PC's (sic) fame the COO of Eyes'Expert'es? He's got to pay for his Sugar Puff sangas some how ain't he? (fat lil' fuck)
  • MrRobin
    GlassesDirect are alright. Received 2 pairs, didn't like one of them so sent them back, no quibble, freepost too. Quality wasn't amazing but for £30 or whatever they were, can't really complain.
  • David d.
    They're making a right spectacle of themselves Arf
  • Smiler
    I recommend www.goggles4u.co.uk
  • nelgrd
    I too was a victim of perfect glasses (sister company to exclusive eyes) I have since used eyebuydirect in the USA. They do frames from £5 and ar coatings for £4. Carriage is £9 per 2 pairs so you can get 2 pairs full uv/ar for about £30 delivered. They do the odd 'flash sale'. One of these flash sales included free transitions so its worth looking at the website every now and again. You have to be patient as delivery takes about 21 days plus but it is worth waiting as the quality is superb. I have also used goggles4u (you can quidco them too). They are US based and manufacture in pakistan. They are particularly good for rimless specs as you can tailor the eyesize. They also do cheap polycarbonate lenses. Delivery is about 14 days. If you need glasses in a hurry onestopglasses are now owned by just rimless. A relative ordered from them and had 2 lovely pairs of glasses in 4 days. Hope this helps someone. P.S. I have a discount code for eyebuydirect (I do get a referral payment if you use it). Ask if you want it (or mods remove this last bit if im not allowed to give the code out)
  • Jeff
    I found www.glassescomplete.co.uk to be really good!
  • nickf
    i ordered a pair of glasses from eyeexperts for £93 on the 23rd march,payment was taken immediately.after not recieving them in the expected time as advertised on their website i contacted them via email to enquire what was going on with the order,and i needed the glasses as i had broken my current pair,and if they could not complete the order to issue a refund,or i would instigate a chargeback. i recieved this email back. Thank you for your email. I can confirm that the order is being processed. After the quality checks, we will have it dispatched by early next week. You can expect the delivery within the same week. Kind Regards, Alison Winter Customer Service team which means they should have been completed and sent out week starting 4th april,one would hope by recorded delivery,i checked my order status online on the 6th and it had changed to dispatched,i did not recieve a confirmation email of dispatch ie tracking details.and i have not recieved the glasses as yet.i sent an email back to them today to notify them of this,so i will wait to see what happens next.they have by law 30 days to complete my order and if they give me the bs that i have read about on here i will ask my bank for a chargeback on my debit card,i did not realise i could do this on a debit card but visa will do this as long as i submit it within 120 days after purchase,and i will direct visa/my bank to this site for evidence of the way they operate,and also the oft.

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