Extracting the urine to quench your thirst

6 May 2009

Thank baby jesus this is only a design, and not a product I may be cajoled into purchasing by tree-hugging hippies.

If the world crumbles to the point that I need to consider drinking my own piss - purified or not - I'd rather see the bombs start dropping to be honest. Yes it's a very clever concept but no, it's not for me:

[Yanko Design] via [Slippery Brick]


  • Mike H.
    I once saw Bear Grylls piss into the skin of a rattle snake, (yes, it was dead, the camera man killed it, Bear was cowering behind the make-up artist) then take sips from it throughout the day, sounds cheaper than this, albeit a little more dangerous. Ray Mears would have gone one better, fashioning the remaining skin of said rattler into a hammock, and using the fangs as tent pegs.
  • acecatcher3
    ive had a bottle of my wee before.
  • nlambert
    My piss is usually 99% alcohol anyhow!!!!
  • tim
    who sells these things !!!!
  • Tom P.
    The lager in my local pub tastes like piss, is the publican into this recycling crap?

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