Expert egg box sticker placement

Picture 5Bought in some shop somewhere by avid Twitter user @kieronodonovan - of course, technically speaking, it IS kind of where the eggs came from...



  • PokeHerPete
    Its funny because the company is called Bumble Hole Farm and and the expiry date sticker has accidentally (or maliciously by a disgruntled employee with no morals) been placed over the 'ble' of Bumble hence making the companies name to be Bumble Hole Farm!!
  • PokeHerPete
    And I just made a retarded attempt of being a retard. companies = companys last Bumble = Bum
  • Dick
    Both the left-hand sides of the labels look like they have been tampered with. So I reckon Kieron O'Donovan peeled them and stuck them himself, to get his fifteen minutes of being a wanker on Twitter.
  • The B.
    At least your comments got posted.

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