Expensive snoring cures don't end sleepless nights

Your correspondent is writing this after another night of sleep which was occasionally interrupted by punches to the head and neck from his loving but long-suffering partner, driven to sleepless distraction by the sound of his snoring.

Last night, apparently, I was ‘snoring like a train’ – it’s the first time the phrase ‘like a train’ has been used in the bedroom for… well, possibly ever. Joking aside though, snoring is a big problem in relationships, and there’s a multi-million pound industry devoted to eradicating it.

Now Which? Magazine has enlisted almost 2,000 of its members to test some of the major players in the bed-roar alleviation business, and the consensus seem to say… well, they don’t work actually.

Remedies such as a special wire up the nostrils, traditional nasal strips and a three-month singing course on a CD are all poo-poohed by Which? members in the test.

Check out the results and recoil in horror at the Lloyds Pharmacy Stop Snoring Device that sends out an electric pulse and woke the tester 20 times in a night, temporarily scarring her arms.

Tell us your own snoring horror stories along with any remedies you might have tried and whether they worked. Night night.

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  • JC
    Sleep in separate bedrooms, if my marriage is anything to go by it shouldn't make any difference to your sex life either!

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