Exclusive - will eBay come up short for stag night request?

UPDATE 28/8: Whoops, seems like we've gatecrashed the party - the eBay ad has been taken down. Now it's like the whole thing was a dream. If only somebody had taken a screenshot to prove it really existed. Your luck's in.

Oh eBay, are there no limits to your resourcefulness? Short of allowing the trade of weapons-grade Uranium and live unicorns, you're up for anything, aren't you? You'll even help Lee Thackray attempt to hire a dwarf for a stag night. Brilliant:

Good Morning my fellow E-Bayers,

In my hour of need I need your assistance. I am in the market place for a Dwarf/Midget who is up for a laugh on the 26/09/09, in Manchester. I have below set some certain criteria to which I am looking for:

Must be over 18 years old.
Must be Male.
Must be classed as a dwarf/midget.
Must be under 5ft in height.
Be willing to dress up.
Must be prepared to be handcuffed to the stag.
Any extra talents would be good, especially a groovy mover on the dancefloor.

As for payment we are open to neg. (Money will be paid cash on the night)

We have many ideas for my mates Stag doo, but other ideas are welcome.

I am deadly serious about this and would be grateful if any applicants would forward a picture and details to me at [email protected]

I am sorry if this advert has offended anyone, but needs must!!

Serious people only apply!!

Many Thanks


One quick bit of advice, Lee - best not to put too much detail online - like your name and email address, for example - given there's every chance your mate will see this and know exactly what you have planned for him. Admittedly the page has only been viewed 24 times at the time of posting, so maybe you'll be ok. Or maybe the stag will read it and punch you in the balls. Either way, let us know how it pans out and send the photos. Cheers!

[eBay] thanks to Bitterwallet reader Eddy


  • Grimbo
    Could be a missed market there midgethire.com?
  • Eddy
    Thats exactly what i said! There are a couple for acting and one called www.microwrestling.com - i love the guy dressed as the Mexian Nacho Libre style
  • Rubisco
    Lol I dread to think of the photos that will turn up in his inbox!
  • Gus
    Andy Dawson should apply!
  • beatle
    Then we can have comparethemidgets.com.. this could be a winner
  • Eddy
    Gutted! Ebay have pulled the ad off the site. It seems that when you get 24 hits they dont care, but when you hit 5 hundred in a few hours and well on the way to a thousand hits after showing on bitter wallet they dont like it so much. Or maybe after midgethire.com and comparethemidgets.com, Ebay were scared that someone whould create edwarf.com where you can buy, sell and trade new and used midgets & dwarfs in an auction style site. lol I'll make sure Lee sends us some pics from the night bitterwallet!
  • Paul S.
    Cheers Eddy :)
  • Eddy
    The hunt is still on! I have found the best man who did this a couple year ago originally and painted a midget blue, gave him a white hat had cuffed him to the stag for 24 hrs. I will keep you all updated!
  • Eddy
    Its back on Ebay with new terms and conditions! Please pass the message on! It got almost 600 hits in just a few hours. Please help us find a dwarf or midget for what is sure to be a great night! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Dwarf-midget-actor-required-for-role-in-a-Stag-weekend_W0QQitemZ130327601662
  • steve
    lee thackray, dewsbury age 27
  • Skip B.
    Can't believe I have only just found your site, am glad I found it, lots of good content here. I just added you to my bookmarks so I will be back again. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the the coming months.
  • Augustine W.
    Very thought provoking this was. I am getting married shortly, and I need to arrange a stag do. Does someone have any ideas about any good stag weekends?

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