Exclusive – Web 3.0 Is Here At Last

We’re pretty sure that no one else has broken this story yet, so remember where you saw it first.

Major leaps have been made in the technology that can provide up-to-date information to your home and this US news report shows it in all its staggering glory.

Without wishing to sound too bold, we confidently predict that, thanks to this breakthrough, the humble newspaper will be completely outmoded by October this year. At the very latest.

Don’t watch this report if you are of a sensitive disposition or if you’ve been drinking heavily – the vision of the future that it contains may send you over the edge into some kind of emotional abyss.



  • andy y.
    Amazing ,only 12 months later the first home computer [email protected] facility came online
  • Matt B.
    That's really fantastic, when you look at it. Decent report, technically quite accurate, very forwards thinking, and an honourable enterprise by the SF examiner. Makes you hark back to the early days of the internet, before the first great AOL spill, when everyone was decent, upstanding, and polite. Possibly.
  • andy y.
    Well you have to accept the Internet of 2009 still tries to keep upstanding but maybe not decent. As for polite, you can all £$%* off
  • kev
    really what is the point in this?
  • Che F.
    @kev: Are you asking what the point of the Internet is?
  • ungulator
  • Ian
    Sometimes - It feels we all still connect to the internet with an acoustic coupler and GPO dial Telephone!
  • Temple S.
    Why bother getting the morning news when you could be playing Global Thermonuclear War (or Tic Tac Toe)?
  • Dave T.
    I just came back from the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow and I have to say this entire report, inclusive of the YouTube video, would have been the showpiece exhibit. In an era where bits of poo on paper are regarded as haute couture, this throwback to the halycon days of 1981 is just what society needs to get it back on track. What a lovely sight!

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