Ex-Dixons man Browett leaves Apple after just six months

apple store pony He made the leap from Dixons to Apple, but now he’s about to leap somewhere else, possibly the dole queue. He’s John Browett and he’ll be leaving his post as head of Apple Retail after only a few months in the job.

It wasn’t a hugely successful period and after trying (and failing) to overhaul the Apple stores, reducing staff numbers and introducing a real live lion into each store, to tie in with the launch of the Mountain Lion software. Okay, so we made that second bit up.

Also going is head of iOS Software, Scott Forstall, who will leave next year. He oversaw the latest version of Apple’s mobile software, which included the diabolical new version of Maps, featuring shoe shops in the middle of the Indian Ocean and streets that bend back on themselves so that they look like they were made by Hot Wheels.

Where now for Browett? HMV? Wow.


  • Chewbacca
    Bwahaaahaaa. Fucking tosser.
  • Angry S.
    Browett was never going to be a good fit for Apple. I was amazed they took him on in the first place; apple and Dixons' cultures are at opposite ends of the retail spectrum. He'd be better suited to Poundland.
  • Chester
    Only way for apple now is down. The shares are on a slippery slide down.
  • Badger
    @ Chester Yeah, I'm waiting to see Bitterwallet issue a Deathwatch on them, and keep banging away at it till it never happens.
  • Tom
    But the ft uses bw as one of its sources so if bw issue a death watch everyone will panic and share price will drop!
  • chadd
    i guess iFives didnt work !
  • comnenty
    Good, bloke is a weapons-grade cunt
  • Roy
    Now John Browett has all the time to put his Cost Cutting skills into practice in his own household.

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