Everybody dance now (to cut your heating bill)

It's a concept we at Bitterwallet are describing as mindstaggering, because something like this requires that a totally new word be created for the occasion.

It's an invention that could save the world, end mankind's dependency on non-renewable energies, cost nothing to produce and see a new law passed that requires every household to own a copy of C & C Music Factory's seminal 1990 album Gonna Make You Sweat:



  • Andy D.
    And who will be the Prime Minister in this Utopia that you're proposing Paul? Fucking Normski, that's who.
  • Mike H.
    Hows about Mike? Normski is a fecking good choice though
  • Bob
    Capturing the energy of the dancers eh? I guess they'll call it "E-lectricity".
  • “My B.
    [...] you were mindstaggered by Paul’s post from last week that showed how a nightclub could be powered just by dancing, say hello to the next cool source of energy – the solar-powered [...]

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