Every day’s like a birthday for top dogs at Ofcom

ofcom man

If you’re looking to enjoy the high life, you should try working your way into a position of influence at broadcasting and media regulator Ofcom. Their staff have enjoyed over 700 free meals and drinks over the past two and a half years, according to cold, hard facts released under the Freedom Of Information Act.

Around 10% of those soirees were funded by the BBC, with the bills for others being paid from the purses of the likes of ITV, Channel 4, Yahoo, the US Embassy, Vodafone and Harry Ramsdens. Except for that last one.

Not only that, the Ofcom executives have also had a regular stream of gifts coming their way from various sources. The lovely pressies range in quality from the useless (a book of poetry, some stamps and a tie) to the brilliant (malt whisky, a jar of sweets and a Nepalese hat.)

We’ve approached Ofcom to see if any of their high-ranking officials would like to come for a kebab from Fat Alan’s in the precinct so that we can get to the bottom of this whole T-Mobile cancellation thing, but they are yet to respond. If they don’t fancy it, we’ll gladly send them a doner that they can reheat in the office after returning from a lunchtime piss-up.


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