Even graduates shop at discount stores

Aldi. Booze. Cheap.Forget Aldi and Lidl, shoppers are hungry for smaller discount stores, new research has found. A survey of 2,000 people found that 63% of us now shop in what are called ‘independent discount stores’- and 79% of those say they will continue to do so, even if things get better in the finances department.

These independent, cut-price stores now make up a large proportion of our shopping choices- stores with less than 9 outlets make up a massive total of 3,468 shops nationwide- more than three time the number of Lidl and Aldi stores combined. And before the Waitrose brigade write these shoppers off as chavs, over 69% of these shoppers are University graduates- possibly all paying off their £9k-a-year University fees.

James Russell, commercial director of wholesalers Rowan, who commissioned the survey, attributed the success of these shops to their location: “unlike Aldi or Lidl, independent discounters tend to be on high streets, so are ideally placed to benefit from the new trend of customers shopping around rather than buying all of their goods in one big weekly supermarket visit.”

The most popular products bought at these discount stores were cleaning products (70%) followed by groceries (43%). Almost one in five (17%) also bought cut-price alcohol, with the most common reason for using these shops being that "the shopping experience has become better", presumably in direct correlation to how small their pockets have grown.

So do you use these independent discounters? Is it only snob value that keeps others out, or it just more convenient to do a big shop at the local hypermarket?

What do you think?

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