European Commission To Reduce Mobile Phone Bills by your mobile roaming bills every time you go abroad?  A plan to cap retail prices for sending SMS text messages and mobile internet roaming is now being backed by European telecom ministers, which may alleviate some extraneous (and extortionate) charges.

The EU executive body, the European Commission, proposed in September that both the retail and wholesale prices for text messaging be cut, suggesting caps of €0.11 and €0.04 respectively. The Commission estimates current average retail prices to be around 0.29 euros. It also proposed a €1 per megabyte cap on the wholesale price for downloading data as well as further reductions in roaming charges for voice calls. I would say that the latter is what needs focussing on, no?

Under this proposal, customers travelling abroad would also receive an automatic message with data roaming charges for the country they have entered, and would soon be able to specify in advance how low or high their data roaming bill can go before the service is cut off.

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