ESPN football goal app free for new season

soccer_0002 Last year, ESPN brought out a Premier League goals app, which brought you all of the hot soccer scoring action almost as soon as it happened, piping it straight up your phone. A great idea, but at £3.99 a month or £29.99 for the season, it was a bit of a luxury.

Perhaps it didn’t sell all that well either. That’s because they’re bringing it back again for the new season (starting on Saturday, riots permitting) and this time it’s FREE! Yes, it won’t cost you a penny, and for that we’re giving it a big Bitterwallet thumbs-up.

Download the thing on to your phone and you’ll get goals just minutes after they’ve been scored. Apart from on Saturday afternoons – you can’t have them until 515pm, but you’ll get them all in one go. No more waiting around for Match Of The Day.

The ESPN Goals app is available now for iPhone and Android and will be turning up for Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone 7 over the next few days...


  • TechLogon
    Great news - £4 a month was too steep. If it saves having to put up with the old giffers on MOTD - the same boring platitudes week after week, it's got my vote...
  • wtf
    Or, just go on the BBC, Sky, Flashscores (except iPhone), goals365 etc, etc. and get them live. There are also hundreds of free apps also LIVE.
  • Mike
    wtf I think you missed the point by rather a long way. This app allows you to actually watch the goals.
  • wtf
    Mike, oh i see... So it's actually quite good then.

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