Error sounds make sweet Microsoft music...

As you might have already deduced, we’re a dour, glum-faced set of sods here at Bitterwallet. If there’s a party on and friends try and beckon us on to the dance floor, we’re not above landing a karate chop to the sides of their necks or getting them in a Bitterwallet death grip.

But having said that, we’ve frugging our cold, black hearts out all over BWHQ this morning at this, a wacky little tune that has been made up completely from Microsoft Window XP error sounds. At one point, the youths from Dealspwn had to bang on the wall and get us to turn it down ‘cos it was interfering with their Jet Set Willy marathon.

We’re not sure who was responsible for this but we doff our hats to them. Unless it was Kraftwerk, in which case, you’ve lost it boys.


  • Nobby
    20 secs would have been enough.
  • F. F.
    Another hot off the press story... It's only the comments that keep me coming back... I smell a revolution brewing.
  • cookie
    And we have our candidate for single to beat the X-Factor winner this year!
  • wander
  • Gunn
    My screen often looks like that.
  • Fubar
    £10 says its DJ Scotch Egg
  • Jack T.
    Damn that's one screwed up computer. Better re-install the operating system - go for Linux this time.
  • Internet t.
    Kraftwerk are terrible these days - watched their latest gig live on ITV last Thursday and it was really rather poor.
  • Shopdis F.
    What was the video like? I couldn't get it to work because of an error!
  • PC W.
  • Rapp
    The E flat at 0:57 and 1:19 were unnecessary, and this put me off. Otherwise, it was alrigh...

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