Er, Sainsburys, possible copyright infringement over here...

Avid Bitterwallet reader Ronnie breathlessly writes... "Never mind the earlier Microsoft copyright issue on a Japanese/Chinese store, this corner shop is less than a mile from my local Sainsburys!"


It's one to add to the list that already includes this Selfridges rival....



  • Kris
    Ha ha, every time i drive passed Singhsbury's it puts a smile on my face.
  • JJ
    i've got a clothes shop near me run by asians who have named it "Marks & Spender", coincidence? ;)
  • Slap D.
    Let us not forget the legend that is "Kent's Tuck Inn Fried Chicken" in Sedgley, W.Mids...
  • Fella-Tio
    photoshop FTW! seriously, nowt better than semi decent Photoshop work, too obvious though, angles need to be changed as they dont fit in with the angle of the road schoolboy error really
  • thepearce
    Ken's Fried Chicken in Pompey (just up from the kwik-i-mart should be featuring in this..... their sign is even in the same style.
  • Ronnie
    @Fella-Tio Not photoshop at all! Singhsbury's is real. I've been in many times and know the shopkeeper well.
  • Borris
    @Fella-Tio Likewise with Sellfridges.... Smithdown Road, Liverpool
  • Dobbo
    Must be a chain-there's a Singhsburys on Wirral aswell!
  • Tom P.
    It does look like a bad Photochop...BUT it's not, it's a wonky's a better picture
  • Tom P.
    Doesn't look as good in this colour
  • Tom P.
  • Warwick H.
    SELLFRIDGES Thats in Byker.
  • thepearce
  • Monevator
    These guys should get medals, not mockery. I love the friend chicken names too. They're the surrealists of our time.
  • jeff
    I love this singhsburys -> Although, Polish food and drink? Who the fuck would want to eat a can of Mr Sheen?
  • Ed
    No copyright infringement there - plenty of trademark infringement. Both for having a name of a food retailer that sounds like the name of another, and for using their trade dress (both the typography and the signage colouring).
  • -]
    There is a McTuckys Hut upt'north. There is also the northern supermarket ASCO -
  • Stuck B.
    [...] other day, when he spotted another store front to add to our ever-growing list which now includes Singhsbury’s, Sellfridges and Michaelsoft [...]

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