Er, Mr Gates? Possible copyright infringment over here...



  • Joff
    Er, Bitterwallet are you blind? It quite clearly states "Michaelsoft Binbows". Ok, so the Windows logo is the same... I like the China fake Disneyland, please find photos of that.
  • Richard
    They've swapped the colours over on the windowws logo... guess that means their safe.
  • Nobby
    There are not many ways you can take something chinese and fake it, but these guys are having a go ...
  • TheillegitimatesonofGunn
    I'm sure if China can knock out the Wu console (it's basically Wii but with the double i joined by a line under it) then it's pretty safe from M$ too.
  • Jack
    Haha awesome name for a shop, but I don't know why more people would go to it as it is pretending to be a terrible company!
  • Wing
    It's Japanese not Chinese... Quite funny tho!
  • Er, B.
    [...] Bitterwallet reader Ronnie breathlessly writes… “Never mind the earlier Microsoft copyright issue on a Japanese/Chinese store, this corner shop is less than a mile from my local [...]

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