Energy companies ravaged over complaints

British_Gas We all know that energy companies are a bunch of wankers, but it is nice to keep reminding them, and ourselves, because it looks like no-one is going to do anything about it.

With that, Which!!! are going after the sector - again - calling the whole thing a 'broken' market, after The Big Six received more than 5.5m complaints last year. Npower came out on top of the complaints list, followed by EDF, British Gas and Eon. SSE and Scottish Power came last, which is nice for them.

Which!!! have proposed six things which they reckon will fix all this. They want increased competition, transparent trading, something called "people power", cost control, an increase in customer trust and ultimately, warmer houses.

They've shouted all this at the government too, as well as Ofgem, competition authorities and energy companies, but will they listen and act on it?

Richard Lloyd, big wig at Which!!!, said: "Millions of people are unhappy with the service they receive from the suppliers which, combined with low levels of trust is yet more evidence that more must be done to fix the broken energy market. Next month we want the regulators to refer the energy market to the Competition and Markets Authority and launch a full scale inquiry."

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  • Dosser
    Shouldn't that sentence be "millions of hard-working people"? It usually is.

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