Energy bills going up? Blame the hippies, say npower

Bitterwallet - new npower logo As we all know, our energy bills have been rocketing and everyone has been pointing the finger of blame at the suppliers. However, npower say that the industry isn't to blame, and in fact, the main reason for the rise is the cost of government initiatives to encourage greener energy production.

Of course, it isn't all tree-hugging nonsense as many of the UK's current coal, gas and nuclear power stations are reaching the end of their lives. However, this low-carbon bill isn't being picked up by the energy companies like the government hoped and it is being passed on to us.

Not only that, the estimates for upgrading Britain’s energy system were too low, which means a big impact on what we pay.

What could happen is that we end up with expensive electricity, thanks to the 'green tax' and, thanks to a need for a back-up power supply, the whole thing might not be that green at all. With that, npower reckon the cost of supporting low carbon technologies would add £82 to the bill by the end of the decade.

Npower gloomily added that transportation costs will add an additional £114 to the average energy bill by 2020.

The government aren't having it, with Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker saying: "Gas prices not green policies have been primarily pushing up energy bills. That is why it is vital we crack on with securing investment in a diverse energy mix that includes renewables and new nuclear, as well as gas."


  • badger
    I do wish they'd stop dicking around and just build a load of new nuclear power stations. They're going to need them in 25 years when the Norwegian gas runs out anyway.
  • Alexis
    It's just maths. So shouldn't be too hard to objectively show who's right.
  • zeddy
    Sod it. Burn the immigrants for heat, innit?
  • samuri
    burn politicians problems solved
  • Kevin
    I'm surprised they don't just say, hey don't want to pay our prices? Well go somewhere else then. Oh you don't want to have your own turbine and live off that? Well suck it up and open your wallet then.
  • Spencer
    This big problem at the core of capitalism. Npower have to sustain growth and profit. And as more and more folks are trying to go greener and use less energy, Npower are selling less and less of their products meaning they have to increase prices... it wont ever get any better...
  • TeddyEdward
    The main reason energy prices keep going up is that the utility companies are a cartel. There's no need for them to bother with pressure selling via the doorstep etc. and risk heavy fines because they now put their prices up more or less at the same time and by the same percentage. Of course they've still got their plethora of tariffs as a smokescreen but it's all bullshit.

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