Electronic cigarette advert banned

leolites An advert for an electronic cigarette has been banned.

The LeoLite ad with the tage "Love your lungs" has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority, after it looked like the ad was suggesting that their brand of electro-tabs were somewhat healthier.

Unsurprisingly, the watchdog wasn't having the "Love your lungs" aspect, seeing as the very last consideration of a smoker is loving their lungs.

The manufacturers of the electronic cigarette E&L Distribution claimed they just wanted a catchy relevant slogan.

Yet an ASA spokesman said: “Within the context of the ad, we considered that consumers, particularly those who were existing smokers, were likely to interpret the claim ‘Love Your Lungs’ as meaning that LeoLites e-cigarettes contained properties that were not harmful to their lungs or that they would experience an improvement in the health of their lungs if they used LeoLites products.

“We also considered that the claim could also be interpreted to mean that consumers should ‘Love Their Lungs’ by switching from traditional cigarettes.”

That's LeoLites told then.

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