EEs powerbar promotion on hold as too many people want a freebie

powerbarLast week, EE launched its new power bar perk, one of the two things (the other being £1 Wuaki film rentals) the mobile provider thought might be a very poor salve to all those EE/Orange customers mourning the loss of Orange Wednesdays. Unfortunately, the free power bar idea has been so popular, if you haven't already requested your code, you're going to have to wait until the end of June while EE catch up.

You would think that EE would have some idea of how many power bars they needed, given they (presumably) know how many customers they have, but it seems a far greater percentage of said customers than EE anticipated are willing to go into a store if it gets them something for nothing. Owing to ‘unprecedented demand’- with one million requests from customers in just over four days- if you didn't send a text requesting a code before 3pm on Monday 20 April, then you'll have to wait until after 8am on 24 June, when EE is resuming the promotion. Note they are not cancelling it, just pausing it while they replenish stock levels.

If you have already got a code but haven't yet collected your power bar, you'll can still get one, but you might wish you’d got off your sofa on Thursday, as some stores have, unsurprisingly, run out of stock. EE have said there are enough power bars for all the codes sent out, but some are currently being moved around to busier locations and you may need to check with your local store to see how far you’ll have to go to get one.

If you are still interested in getting one, on or after 24 June, EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers with a 30-day, 12-month, 18-month or 24-month mobile, tablet or broadband plan can get a power bar for free, as well as Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) mobile customers who have been with EE for at least three months,by doing the following:

Mobile customer: Text POWER to 365 (texts cost 35p).

Broadband customer: Text JOIN plus your EE landline number to 60005 (texts cost 35p).

Tablet customer: EE said that tablet customers must call customer services on 07953 966 250 (call costs will vary) to get a code.

Note that technically this is a hire agreement, so if you get a free power bar but later cancel your EE mobile, broadband or tablet contract, you are obliged to return the power bar to any EE store within 60 days or get slapped with a £5 fee on your final bill. Apple product customers will also have to carry a spare lightning/older iPhone lead with them if they want to actually get emergency charge.

The ability to go and swap an empty power bar for a full one in any EE store for those lucky enough to have already nabbed power bar still stands. Although again, you might have to find a store with some replacements available…


  • Chris
    The fully charged replacement stock pool is a different pool to the brand new pool...
  • Henry C.
    Got one yesterday. The Mrs didn't, she waited til yesterday to send the text even though my local shop had a fair number of them. Decent bit of kit and I'd pay a fiver for it. Not £20 as appeared on the receipt though.
  • Henry C.
    Oh, and you can charge them yourself too.
  • JonB
    You can buy your own "power bar" for about £10 - have a look at the RAVPower Luster (which is 6000mAh instead of EE's 2600mAh). The only advantage with the EE one is that you can replace it in a store.

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