EE apologise for being annoying

ee EE has apologised after it hassled customers with texts over the weekend.

How much hassle? One user complained of receiving more than 90 marketing messages from Orange, one of EE's brands, in a four-day period.

Well EE have certainly done themselves no favours in the past, and this latest wheeze looks like seeing off what customers they had left.

These text messages were reminders that the customers were eligible to add to their plans numbers that they can call for free, and the usual old toss that corporate text messaging throws out.

Naturally, customers took to social media and had a good moan about it.

The messages read: "Hi from Orange. Congratulations: you can now add another Magic Number." It included a link customers could follow to do so.

Trying gamely to underestimate the levity of this shitstorm, a member of EE's community team named as Miles wrote on Sunday that the firm was "having an issue" with the text message service.

"This reminder should only be sent once, but some customers are getting multiple reminders. If you've received any of these duplicate messages, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Remember: you're not charged to receive magic number reminders."

Is this the final straw for you, remaining EE customers? You better answer quickly or you'll get asked the same question 90 times.


  • Craig
    Didn't get any of these... given how i never have signal with EE its no surprise.
  • ambigyouus
    Over the weekend? I've had a couple already today, 5 yesterday, and THIRTY-THREE in total. The last straw? Of course not, it's much too much hassle and those Magic Numbers are genuinely useful. But it would be nice to get more than a scripted "please accept our apologies for any inconvenience" as recompense.
  • FatalException
    Left EE for Gifgaf months ago. Their customer service department is an utter shambles.

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