EcoTank printer doesn't really need cartridges

epsom Printer ink. It's wonderful isn't it? Well, not really. It seems to last nanoseconds and costs a bleedin' fortune.

So one is understandably wary when a new range of printers are announced that claim they can knock out 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour before they need replacing.

That's the claim of Epson's new range of EcoTank printers, which feature ink cartridges that it claims will last up to two years.

The Epson EcoTank L355 and L555 require ink from drip-free bottles that you pour into the tank yourself (ew). They're £8.

Both devices have print, copy and scanning functions, and support Wi-Fi connectivity, with the L555 also doubling as a - how nineties - fax machine and coming with an LCD display and 30-page automatic document feeder.

They've been available in various markets across the world, and they are now finally available in the UK from Dixons Carphone, with the EcoTank L555 costing £329 and the L355 £249.

Now all they need to invent is a printer that works more than five occasions and tidies itself up when it's booted out into street.

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