eBay to pilot reusable cardboard packaging - penguins rejoice

When it comes to our annual Worst Company Of The Year award, a lot of you have got a lot to say about eBay. To be fair, if they were to read all of your comments, they would probably close the whole thing down for a bit and rebrand themselves as eVilBay! Ha ha ha ha ha ha...

But for once, eBay are trying to do some good and make the world a better place, with a new range of re-usable shipping boxes, hopefully helping to cut down on the amount of packaging waste that fill the world and kill penguins as a direct result of their endeavours.


In a groovy twist, there are spaces inside the boxes where you can leave messages for its recipients, ideally something a bit more uplifting than ‘Here’s your used bibs.’ Over time, users of the boxes will see where it has been in the past and will be spiritually moved by it all or something.

eBay are piloting the programme with 100,000 of the recycled boxes in three sizes and if it’s a success, it could be curtains for the world’s cardboard mountain. eVilBay – trying to kill fewer penguins by 2020.

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  • arcabite
    or they're just trying to sell cardboard boxes
  • Shadow
    Yeah they are selling the cardboard boxes. How is that making them less evil?
  • sMac
    Couldn't you just reuse a normal cardboard box you receive in the post? What does buying one of these from eBay make it so special? IS THE MONEY THEY MAKE OFF THIS GOING TO ACTUAL PENGUINS?
  • Brad
    Its just a shame ebay are cunts full stop and normal people tend to avoid them like the plague these days as PayPal will send you an invoice for the medieval illness.
  • cardylicker
    I am taken back to the stories of old re the days when cardboard was stored in better conditions than the cornflakes, that where placed inside as Sm said what wrong with re using packaging - another revenue stream for flea bay what next ebay take over the post office ?????
  • kev
    don't give them ideas cardy
  • More G.
    [...] eBay to pilot reusable cardboard packaging – penguins rejoice … [...]
  • Mark C.
    What a load of crap. As far as I can see, people have happily been recycling boxes, jiffy bags, etc for eBay and Amazon Marketplace orders for years (or just using old cereal boxes, computer boxes, etc), so all eBay are doing is adding a whole bunch of new boxes to a system that doesn't need them. How is this green, exactly?
  • Wide B.
    [...] eBay to pilot reusable cardboard packaging – penguins rejoice ... [...]
  • Hunting C.
    [...] eBay to pilot reusable cardboard packaging – penguins rejoice ... [...]

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