eBay still short of a dwarf for Manchester stag party

Ah, some good to end this sacred day of our Lord. No doubt you spent Friday in mourning after discovering the eBay listing for a Manchester stag party in requesting a dwarf had been removed. We were heartbroken, as you'd expect. To think that somebody would be denied the chance to be handcuffed to a pissed-up Mancunian twat - it brought a tear to the eye.

But good news! After all, Sunday is a day for blessed miracles. The listing has re-appeared on eBay, so if you have a friend on the wee side who fancies some extra coin for entertaining these chaps in what can only be described as the Hawaii of the North, then the gig could be yours.


  • Pure-Klenz
    I take it your from down south... you git
  • Rob
    There needs to be a SPAM button on these blogs
  • Paul S.
    From the North, Pure-Klenz. Chin up!
  • gav
    it's been removed again....
  • James R.
    There needs to be a mindless shit button on this blog as well
  • Jake J.
    The majority of Blog sites are just for tools with far too much time on their hands to bleat out all manner of cack. Bitterwallet is a prime example of that
  • barneydog
  • Spencer
    http://www.rent-a-midget.com simple

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