eBay advertises the perfect car for the neighbourhood dealer

The eBay police, in joint sting operations with their humour inspectors, are usually quick to pull anything off the site that may constitute a silly bit of titting about. They seem to be leaving this particular listing alone, however, because it appears to be a real ad. It's for a blue 2005 Renault Clio Dynamique 16V:

Bitterwallet - Reanault eBay adAttention Teenage Drug Dealers/Low Life & Oxygen Thieves - if you think you've saved enough benefit from your 4 children before your 20, this could be the answer to your prayers.

A proper bastardised, chaved up Skippy mobile if ever there was. Enhance your street cred at the local drive thru burger joint or council estate shop front no end with this utterly tacky converted little Renault Clio. Not your Gran's idea of a lift to town, granted, but a fantastic opportunity to increase 3 fold your class A drug selling ability.

For any female buyer I'm offering a free Tatoo of something utterly meaninless to go in the middle of your lower back. If you haven't already got your "Tramp Stamp" that is.

If your an under-age drink driver, or under-age driver for that matter, this little beauty really isn't going to attract the attention of the local constabulary at all. you'll drift pass any patrol car effortlessly. Make sure there is at least 6 of you in the car though, Splif in hand.

With just over a day to go, the current bidding stands at £1,951, alongside nearly 300 customer questions and 160,000 page views. Innit. Thanks to avid Bitterwallet readers Mark and The Couch for the spot.


  • Scott C.
  • HD
  • me
    Haha fantastic - although some parts you didnt quote are even better! Love the fact its a card dealer who obviously has come by this car in some deal, but detests them in general.
  • Mark B.
    Looks like the Ebay police have decided to remove the add after all.
  • Cristy B.
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