eBay, According To Weird Al Yankovic [Video]

eBay - The worldwide garage sale. Since it's been created, millions of stuff have been bought and sold.  You can find just about anything there, but the question is, do you really need it? Like a UFO detector, a jar containing a ghost or our own British 18 year old Cary Copestake's virginity?

Weird Al Yankovic points out that there's plenty of crap for sale on eBaY, in this new old parody of the Backstreet Boys top hit 'I want it that way' on YouTube (guess I've been living in a black hole all these years!):


  • JJMcClure
    LOL. Heard that about 5 years ago but not heard it since.
  • bod
    "in this new parody of the Backstreet Boys top hit ‘I want it that way’ he just stuck up on YouTube:" New? come on now, I don't mind the second-hand stories, but this one is pushing it a bit.
  • Andrew R.
    Hahaha new parody. This has been out for around 5-7 years at least. Check first Vince, check first!
  • jon j.
    I'm eagerly expecting breaking news on a big sinking ship to be published on here
  • DrDre
    Yep released 2003 as that when i first heard it...oh dear...getting no REAL news? Oh not often there is anyways...need to keep up with the times...
  • johnny
  • Anon
    This is as old as ebay itself! lol
  • jaysexy212005
    LoL, get with the times man.
  • vibeone
    always worth a listen, and I admire Vince for actually admitting it was a bit of a cock up... unless the rest of the BW 'team' but yes... its massively old.
  • vibeone
    "unless the rest of the BW ‘team’" = unlike the rest of the BW 'team' This parody was also used by ebay in some marketing event they put on. They don't see the lyrics as a bad thing at all... and I kinda agree with them, but its unusual for a big corp to get the joke!
  • SimbaK2K
    Err 2003 called, they want their song back.
  • Honky S.
    Little old - great song!
  • Vince V.
    hey vibeone - yeah I guess I've been living under a rock! And the youtube vid was just uploaded lol. Apologies and expired, but still worth another listen right :)
  • Lumoruk
    I really enjoyed it vince, never seen it before thanks for the laugh.
  • robbie1412
    Ahh , the old ones are the best , eh?
  • robbie1412
    In fact, I may even re-write this song, bring it up to date, edit it in WMM and post it on You tube my self ------------------ Tell me why..... Their fee' es are just sooooo high.. Tell me why..... No ones buying cept the sh*t flies And thats why.... I really do have to say e hay...... Why I'm leaving Ebaaayyyy Yes , thats why I'm leaving Eeeeeeeabaaaaayyyyyy. :-)
  • ahahahahaha
  • vibeone
    robbie: don't give up the day job.
  • Wierdo
    Robbie, get overtime at your day job PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!! Is it safe? Can I take the cotton wool out of my ears now guys?
  • Alistair
    I think Vince should be congratulated - He found a music video (of sorts) we can see here in the UK
  • acecatcher3
    @alistair - lol, its annoying isnt it, i looked last night and about 50 of my favourited videos were no longer available :(
  • -=Mike H.
    Sh1t VVince, that was some funny shit, I've never seen that before, I watched that on my ZX86 Spectrum... What's that? There are faster computers out? Internet? Mobile phones? what the fuck are you lads on about?
  • Shexy S.
    old, but funny to hear eBay can suck my left ball covered in Oprah's vaginal fluids
  • Rubisco
    Your left ball's covered in Oprah's vaginal fluids?
  • Jeffrey
    Oh cool! Hey BW, you should try having a look over on bbc.co.uk - they have the news and everything! And, if you've ever struggled to find something on teh interwebnet, you should try something called a 'search engine' ! I hear theres a new one called boogle, or foogle, or something... **Posted from Netscape Navigator 2
  • Jack
    Fuck sake, this is soooooooooooooooo old. Posted March 12th 2006 ^^ It was even old then I first heard this song when I used ebay a lot a few years ago. However over the years ebay has changed for the worst. Too many rules, too many restrictions, too many fees, its soooo easy to get banned, and a really annoying new search facility which you never seem to be able to opt-out of. Sellers are also no longer allowed to leave bad or neutral feedback,
  • agaveworm
    eBay's fair and puts their customers first...
  • Jeffrey
    [quote] eBay’s fair and puts their customers first… [/quote] You're a retard. Ebays customers are the sellers. How does putting more restrictions on them, increasing their fees several times over (despite them already being one of the most profitable online companies in the world), removing any protection they had from fraudulant/time wasting buyers, etc, etc, etc, equal them putting their customers first?
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