Eating for less money, more eco-friendliness prices have gone up an average of 11.3% in the past year, with meats, milk, and fresh fruits and vegetables leading the way. The net result is that most people feel like their own personal cost of living has definitely gone up in recent months.

But some foods have either increased very slowly in price, or have dropped. The April issue of Marie Claire added up the costs of duplicating a turkey sandwich combo meal from Subway and discovered that making your own only saves you about 40p a day, which may well be made up for by the investment in time and preparation for brown bagging it. Restaurant meal prices only increased by a 4% annual rate last year, compared with an average hike in grocery prices of 11.4%.

Eggs have gone down a little in price, after having risen during 2008. The price drop hasn’t equaled the price gain, but every little helps. Butter prices fell by 2.1% over the last year. So if you enjoy having Eggs Benedict, you’re in luck. If you like anything else, you’re going to have to learn to cope with higher prices.

If you’re creative with the low-end of a fast food menu, you can actually eat out for less than eating at home, in some cases.


  • Amanda H.
    My Sunday "Roast happy meal" idea should be a success.
  • The B.
    Urgh, Subway? I'd rather eat my own fecal matter. I've just had a lovely organic beef joint btw.
  • Mark M.
    That might explain your breath then Bob
  • The B.
    What an utterly pointless comment, on a par with your existence I'd wager.

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