Easter Santa! It's what Jesus would want, for sure

1 April 2010

Genius can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time. It doesn't matter whether you're some shifty discount retail shop in Burnley or not; attempting to pass off four month-old stock as 'Easter Santas' is perhaps the single greatest contribution to mankind we've seen this year. Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Matthew for sharing this holy brilliance with us - expect to see them in Tesco next Easter:

Bitterwallet - behold! It's Easter Santa!


  • Si
    Not only can you keep the kids saturated with chocolate (and therefore happy) over Easter for £1, but it also teaches them the banality of commercialism. (I don't have kids by the way :D )
  • smashingnicey
    That's not santa. that's jesus if he fattened up on chocolate inside that cave or whatever it was.
  • Biffy
    Well it looks like we're having a White Easter anyway, might aswell add some Christmas cheer to it!
  • Iain
    Let's not forget how Nestle are raping rain forests in the name of "consumer choice" now, shall we.....
  • Jack
    Ho ho ho ho, merry.....easter.
  • Jack
    (one too many hos, I wish there was a member system with post editing on here)
  • delrio
    how has no one missed the obvious joke of jacks last comment? one too many ho's......... my mind is exploding with possibilities

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