Easter poll: Which egg would you like most?

This is important, so please answer truthfully...


[Egg pic via @christinamartin]


  • Phill
    I don't see the point... Surely people with food intolerances are allowed an Easter egg too? I'm not quite sure they are meant for everyone!
  • Greek D.
    I lika the one on the righta
  • Dick
    Is there anyone on the east side of Glasgow that is intolerant of anything except Rangers fans?
  • Tom
    @Phill Jesus isn't for everyone so neither are Easter eggs.
  • jt
    I voted for the egg free egg as my son is allergic to egg, but then I realised I made a schoolboy error and should have gone for the other one so he wouldn't be able to beg any off me.
  • Head
    Only Smarties has the answer and foxes too
  • Mike H.
    Surely that's a good deal? Most of it's free? I'm sure some obsessed cunt over at HUKD will post the deal soon.
  • kv
    I prefer my eggs scrambled
  • BS
    I like chocolate but I don't eat meat or dairy. So.. I agree with Phil..
  • Stu
    The the one on the left DOES contain eggs?!

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