Earth Mobile got your mobile? Good news from Trading Standards

Last month, Bitterwallet reported on mobile recycling company Earth Mobile going belly up. Plenty of customers had posted their old handsets in return for cash, and many waited had been fobbed off with excuses over non-payment for several weeks, only to learn that the company had gone under and taken both their mobile and their money with them.

Owner Russell Tilbury went to ground, and couldn't be contacted through any of the numerous phone numbers and email addresses scattered across the Internet.

But now, Bitterwallet has just heard from Trading Standards in Windsor and Maidenhead, with good news for customers who sent their phones and heard nothing - there's a good chance you could at least reclaim your mobile:

Earth Mobile are returning phones to customers, so far at least 88 have been returned.

If you have not yet reported yours amongst them, then please call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06. We need to know the make/model, IMEI number (if you have it), and your Earth Mobile (EM…) reference number.

Also email us at [email protected] your details and permission (under data protection) so that we can discuss your case with Earth Mobile and try to get your phone back to you.

Rob, Trading Standards


  • oOoOo
    "taken both their mobile and their money with them" Is there a single post on this site which doesn't contain at least one error? At no point did the customer ever own both the phone and the money. Earth Mobile either took the phone OR the money...not both.
  • kyle
    Haha oOoOo you idiot
  • notme
    oOoOo - seriously, Is there a single post on this site which DOES NOT contain one error. "doesn't" is a term of speech so can only be used inside quotation marks as you are so hot on grammar. oh and by the way they took both the mobile and the money because they did pay or send the mobile back in which case the point covers every eventuality.
  • ThePiedPiperOfHamlin
    oOoOo - Just cos your mrs hasnt given head the last few years, dont take it out on everyone else you angry, angry man! What a nob!
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    @notme There is however, something to be said about your lack of capitalisation. Internet grammar critics FTW.
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