E.On can eff off with blatant publicity stunt

EON_UK_RGB As we all reel from the fact that furtive members of T-Mobile staff have been flogging off the personal details of customers to anyone with a big enough blank cheque, news of another data leak has emerged.

Peculiarly-monikered energy supplier E.On (henceforth known as ‘Ian’) have fessed up after the personal details of 817 of their customers was distributed by mail in error.

One customer in Coventry said she was sent bank details and names and addresses of two Ian customers and was told by Ian that there had been a mix-up.

Ian spokesman Ian Ian said: “We use a third party mailing service to send the letters out, but this error is our problem and we apologise. It seems that customers received letters relating to their own address, and two additional letters for other addresses.”

Bollocks – 817? That’s nothing. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here – Ian are trying to clamber on to the T-Mobile bandwagon by leaking a little bit of info and gaining maximum exposure. Well we’re not going to give their bullshit the oxygen of publicity.

Oh, we just did. Sorry.


  • The B.
    Never mind, I'm sure the OIC will be all over this with their team of crack investigators, we can look forward to the culprits being sent a very strongly worded email.
  • Rich
    Why is it if one communication or any company ofcom control step the slightest bit out of line they of com come down on they like a ton of bricks yet ofgem seem to always take the "strongly worded letter to the secretary of the ceo of british gas approach?!"
  • Jeffrey A.
    You should cut the crap, stop calling them Ian, and get to the fucking point. We all know they should be called Beale.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    @ Rich - you are joking aren't you? Ofcom are as toothless as a bucket of water.
  • The B.
    How would this fall under OFCOM? Surely it'd be under OFGEM as their governing body, and then because it's data revelated it would be under the OIC?
  • McBastad
    e.on can s d.
  • Harlzter
    Who's this Ian you keep blaming. Maybe you need to rely less on the spellchecker.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I don't own an "e.on", but i do own an iPhone. Thanks

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