E-fags just as dangerous

e-cigarette In today's 'Yes I can see why that might've been a problem' news, an electronic cigarette has exploded and set fire to a flat.

Birmingham mum-of-two Keeley Cooper was charging up her electric snout when suddenly she heard a bang.

"It went bang" confirms Ms. Cooper.

The carpet caught alight and smoke filled the bedroom and, well, you can imagine it was all quite the palaver.

However, Ms. Cooper had used her phone charger to charge the electro fag up and there lies the problem.

E-cigarettes can pose a risk such as this as their lithium batteries are liable to explode if they are plugged into the wrong charger.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the blaze, and Keeley has gone on to write on her Facebook (and should probably adjust her privacy settings too by the sounds of it, if we're pulling quotes off it) that she will never smoke again.

The moral here is that electronic cigarettes can harm after all, or don't be a dick and use the wrong charger.


  • Coran
    Title is wrong and misleading (clickbait?). E-cigs are safe. Morons who plug in the wrong chargers are dangerous. This is nothing to do with e-cigs, could be any battery device.
  • Samantha
    To be fair if she managed to use her phone charger it'd probably because it was USB and therefore entirely compatible. 5VDC is 5VDC and there's no polarity issue with a USB adaptor. Li-ions sometimes just explode.
  • You S.
    @Samantha while you may think that 5VDC may be 5VDC as you put it, that doesn't mean that any charger would compatible and spouting that sort of rubbish would only encourage others with E-cigarettes to do the same thing. You have to take into account how many amps the charger is. So if the stupid bint in the article had plugged a 5VDC 1.0A or 2.0A phone charger into it as opposed to lets say a supplied 5VDC 0.5A charger, then yes you could expect the battery to get very hot and to potentially explode and cause a fire.
  • Paula f.
    No as the device should draw the current needed and should not be limited by the transformer. If they plugged a e-fag which requires a 2A supply into a charger which is only .5A then yes there might be a problem like longer charging times. The real problem is cheap E-cigarettes made with recycled low quality or 2nds cells.

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