Dude has a great idea for his cafe, everyone wins

What do you do to survive if your business is going to the dogs? You give it away and see what happens.

Ondrej Lebowski had a cafe, The Big Lebowski, that nobody visited and faced going bust. So Lewbowski decided to let customers decide how much, if anything, they paid for their food and drink. According to the Independent, the cafe in Prague is now rammed to the rim with customers and making money.

Bitterwallet - Big Lebowski

"Customers try to arrive at the correct price, some give more, some give less," with most people doing their best to offer a fair amount rather than drinking and eating for free," Lebowski explained.

And now that Lebowski's radical business concepts have caught the imagination of the international press, you can be sure there'll be a lawsuit for copyright infringement winging its way from Hollywood to Prague just as fast as some corporate shit-in-a-suit can dictate it. Props!

[Independent] via [Love Your Larder]


  • Dick
    There is an Indian / Thai / Malaysian restaurant called Annalakshmi by the Swan River in Perth that does the same thing. Pay what you feel, once you finish your meal. Although it's veggie and alcohol free.
  • xman
    How is this a new idea? THere have been people doing this all over the place for years. Some work, out some don't
  • Kevin
    Not seen it anywhere in this country though, apart from a couple of tv shows like The Restaurant. As for the legal issue. If it's called that then he is breaking copyright law. Fairly simple really. Why not call it Big Ondrej's Cafe?
  • Andrew
    Little Bay tried it out a couple years ago (to similar media attention) http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKTRE5124N120090203

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