Drunk On The Job? Carry On - It's Okay!

If the roads leading to your local airport today are full of glassy-eyed motorists swerving all the place because they’re driving with a Perspex jug of wine in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, there’s a perfectly simple explanation for it.

They’re emigrating to Peru – the place where it’s officially okay to be drunk on the job. The country’s top court, the Constitutional Tribunal, has ruled that mild-mannered (when he’s not pie-eyed) janitor Pablo Cayo be reinstated after getting the tin tack for being intoxicated at work.

We’re not sure how a legal ruling in Peru will affect life here in Britain, but if you go into the office wearing a chullo and a poncho while boozily huffing into a set of pan pipes you should be okay.

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