Dress your child up like a suicide bomber!

You may have seen our article which showed the cigarette outfit you could buy for your child, but how about dressing them up like a terrorist?

That's right! There's costumes available to buy which enables you to send your bundle of joy out onto the streets all made up like a cute Jihadist! Osama Bin Lovely!


The outfit comes with a camouflage vest, a turban headpiece, but sadly, no lunchbox with an alarm clock and plastic explosives to strap around the waist. In fairness, that's pretty easy to create yourself.

Next week: Colonel Gadaffi's Corpse costume hits the shelves

[via SC]


  • Just F.
    [...] kids?  Up for some Halloween trick-or-treating?  Why not buy them a terrorist costume? You know when something boggles your mind so much that you have no [...]
  • Dick
    It's missing a copy of the Koran.
  • Nick T.
    It's an American costume, the Koran will have been burned already.
  • Jack G.
    So we offended a few muslims? Haven't they been doing that for the past 10 years since 9/11? They're welcome to f**k off back home to a place where they don't sell this costume.
  • Steve
    This is everyday dress in most northern UK towns today...
  • c
    White middle-aged Paedophiles

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