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display_1296129938You might think that many of the current social media geo-location mobile applications are a lot of pointless bobbins. And you'd be absolutely right. But then there's, which turns Foursquare into something entirely useful - a trusted shitometer when choosing which restaurant to frequent.

It only works in New York City right now, but here's the gist of it: if you use your Foursquare app to check-in at a restaurant, will send a text message if that particular restaurant is in danger of being shut down due to health violations. The website integrates Foursquare listings with ratings made publicly available by the city's health department.

According to the website, once a restaurant is rated as a high risk, it'll be rated monthly until its rating improves or "is closed by the department for serious and persistent violations." At the current time, there are nearly 1700 establishments rated as high risk, but unless you both to read the city health reports first, you'll never know which they are.

It's a great idea, mashing up public data with geo-location services - hopefully somebody can do the same for restaurants in the UK.

via [Love Your Larder]


  • Zeddy
  • Kent M. is useful (There is also an Android and Iphone App)
  • Max
    Paul, thanks for the write up. I hope to bring it to other cities soon.

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